Understand customer behavior

Hardware and software that makes location analytics easily available. A new and better way to measure offline engagements to retain customers

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Plug. Connect. Track.

Thready provides an easy-to-install hardware combined with intuitive analytics enables better operations and increased revenue.

By carefully analyzing customers behavior, Thready provides customers with the raw power needed to make the workplace more efficient and profitable. Everything from locations most visited within your store to customer conversion rates can be tracked and recorded for the betterment of your company. Thready informs customers to make data-driven decisions for marketing and operations efforts.

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Set up in minutes


Starts at $10 a month


Track as many locations as you want


Monitor from anywhere anytime


Get email updates


Automatic calibration

⌛️Know what drives your customers

Are people using your location for long periods of time? Know where they stop first and where they spending most of their time.

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🏃Who walks by but doesn't purchase?

Know your retention rate. How many people simply come by your store and not purchase anything?

🛍Improve your bottomline

Find the connection between your sales and your orders even when you’re not there.

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